The Law of Abundance : How to Manifest Abundance in Your Life?

Just what exactly is the Law of Abundance and what does it mean?

How can I use it to become abundant in my life?

First, let’s clarify what is meant by “abundance”. Many automatically assume it refers to money and possessions. But true abundance is much more than physical possessions…

Here’s what you need to understand….

The Law of Abundance states that your true self is that of abundance. Abundance is truly all around. It and us is up to each of us to claim our own share of it. Abundance is itself continual affluence in which there is a continual flow of prosperity into every aspect of your life.

There are Universal Laws that govern how the world around us operates. You cannot cheat them, you cannot fight them; they are universal. A perfect example is gravity. When you throw and apple into the air it will fall – it cannot overcome the Universal law of gravity on earth.

Once you begin to work with these laws instead of against them, prosperity and abundance work their way into your life!

Why don’t you have prosperity and abundance in your life?

Because you are violating a Universal law or several of them. All you really need to do is decide and believe what you want and what you want to become. Know it is out there for you and reaffirm several times a day to yourself that it is coming to you. BELIEVE IT – EXPECT IT! The Law of Abundance requires that you stop unconsciously working against it by expecting the worst outcomes or maintaining stubborn beliefs that you can’t have the things you want in life. So, STOP THE STINKING THINKING!

It truly is a matter of mindset. Abundantly prosperous people have an abundant or prosperity mindset. They expect good things to happen for them, they believe it will happen to them and they see the positive aspects of everything. When the person with an abundance mindset runs into a problem or setback, they accept the responsibility for the end results and decide to focus on creating solutions.

The poor and struggling have a poverty mindset. You see them all around you. They’re constantly complaining and blaming everyone and their mother for their problems – it’s always somebody else’s fault…. or the other guy was just lucky…. or was born into money with a golden spoon in their mouth. Does this sound at all like you?

The truth is the overwhelming majority of these abundant and prosperous people came to be that way because they believed it was their RIGHT to be that way and never doubted it for a second. The key to prosperity, and the core truth of the law of abundance, is in how we think and what we believe. If we believe that the universe is a place that truly wants to serve our highest good, and if you are always thinking and believing that abundance and prosperity are just around the corner, you will find it. Fear and think that disaster is always lurking around the corner and you will find it as well.

Remember this: The thoughts that you hold most frequently are the thoughts that soon become your reality.

Whatever you think and believe over and over again, whether abundant or scarcity thoughts will manifest themselves into reality. You either think or expect to become abundant or you think lack and scarcity thoughts and stay poor, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Universal laws are just that – they’re Universal.

The Law of Abundance states you have a right to live in abundance, but you must claim your right to the abundance that is waiting right around the corner for you.

But, you’re saying: I don’t know how to think that way – it’s to difficult.

About the Author: Yamin Kamboh

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