Resolutions for Happy New Year 2019

You guys are here as you are ready to welcome new year 2019. Let us help you prepare for it.

Before we get deep into Let’s not forget about wins & failures from last year 2018. We should take all the good stuff from last years cabinet and put it in 2019 with 2019 commitments. The failure we should forget as there is no more space!

Whatever happened is gone – Now lets start a new journey a real journey

9 Ways to View New Year’s Resolutions in 2019

Below are the tips for your New Year’s Resolution

  • Goals should be Family Oriented: Family is always first in everybody’s list. There is no second option for it. Involve your family when making some commitments for this new year as they are the major stakeholders in your life.

Family is Everything

  • Goals should be Measurable: A goal like I will lose weight this year in going to work but you must be more specific that I will lose overall 40 pounds and I will do this like to get gym membership or I have to run daily in house treadmill. Day by day tracking is helpful. The best thing if your friends and family know about your resolution then things will get easy as your will get motivated or you can plan this kind of new year resolution and have a companion.

2019 Goals

  • Record Your New Year’s Resolution: Make sure to write everything on a notebook. This will help you remind every resolution and share this to friends. This way you are the one accountable by letting others know about your resolution.

New Year Eve Resolutions

  • Copy Others if Necessary: If you find anybody had some good resolution and achieved it previously then you can ask him/her about strategy. Make sure to give him credit by the way that may arise along the way.

New Year's Resolution Help

  • Change the Company: If your goal is to consume less softs then you can shift to some sober style gatherings.

Avoid bad Company

  • Milestone Party: This is very important always appreciate yourself when you achieve anything. Put a small joyous party if any of resolutions is achieved successfully. That will help you to get motivated. Make sure during partying no other resolution is get hampered.

New Year Enjoying Moments

  • Help Others & Ask For: Every individual need help at any given point in life. This is the most important resolution the should repeat on your diary every year’s resolution.

Ask for help..

  • Activation Energy: To get out of bed you need activation energy like you are going to office and all that. Hence to get successful in your new year’s resolution you need it. Check from where you can get that. Of course, New Year’s Eve can help you for this.

New Year Activation Energy

  • Value Oriented Goals: See the potential of every resolution. See if it will add value once achieved? If yes go for or else ignore and think about other stuff.

This was just to add a little help to your schedule. So, can you suggest little more or share any if you have made a good list already. We will track and meet your next year to know about any progress made. Be helpful and share this to your colleagues, friends and family.

 A Happy New Year

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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