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Famous quotes from famous men can stretch from here to the ends of the earth. You’d be surprised by the long list of men who have dedicated their lives to inspire others through their gifts and ability to think effectively. Some of these men you have heard of, others you may have not.

Famous in my book does not necessarily mean ‘popular’, but more-so ‘effective’.

There are many men who have reached a level of success to constitute them as being ‘famous’, but few who have and are leaving a legacy behind. This is where being ‘effective’ comes into play! Live, Lead and Leave Behind! Live your calling, Lead with action and Leave your footprints for others to follow.

Below I have listed some of the most creative and well thought out famous quotes of our time. Read them, rehearse them and most importantly LIVE them. Advancement of self-character and effective living only happens when you ACT on what you know!



Have you had enough? (Rhetorical Question). Truth is, there is NEVER, enough inspiration to digest. Famous quotes are typically created by ones’ living and ones’ listening! These great men all have one thing in common, they listened.

Listened to what? There mentors, their teachers, their mothers, their fathers, their mistakes, their struggles etc. A quote is defined: to cite, offer, or bring forward as evidence of support. The famous quotes listed above are evidence that these men lived and are living ‘purpose-driven’ lives.

It’s quite challenging to be remembered if you were never known. Writing famous quotes are exclusive to those who have a reason to write them. Quotes are written through inspiration that comes from living.

Are you living a life worth remembering? Do you have a song that others would want to sing? Or how about a quote, like the men above, that can shake and transform the lives of others?



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