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Famous love quotes are a rare commodity that we should cherish forever. When great writers like: Goethe, Aristotle, Mother Teresa and many others wrote these short yet profound quotes of love, I wonder, what inspired them?

It’s so intriguing to me to know a person’s mental state of mind when creating a masterpiece. Whatever the influence was on these individuals, I’m so glad they were recorded and kept alive for us all to read.

These famous love quotes are still relevant to us today.

Whether you are in need of a love lift, what to share these love quotes with a loved one, or like me just enjoy reading great love quotes, I’m certain our famous love quote collection will be anything but dissatisfying.

Famous Love Quotes

A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

Many people would ask their lover of how much they love them. It could sometimes be difficult to answer such question because we are afraid that they would get disappointed if the answer is not enough to assure them that they mean so much to us. However, we could not escape from telling the person we love the answer that they are waiting for.

Aside from the fear of disappointing the one you love, it could be also a disappointment for us not to answer anything or to answer with a poor comparison. It could be a pity for us to say something that could not be enough with what we really feel and the truth about the weight of our love for the person. It is so important to let that person know that your love is so great because nothing else can make her happy than telling her of how much you love her.


This quote about love shows how heavy my love for you can be. It is a love quote, which can be an answer when asked about how much you love someone. It is a quote that could sum up the love that we want to compare with how much we love them. That even a hundred hearts would be too few to carry the amount of love I am willing to give you. It just proves how great my love for you is that it will never be enough to weigh them because it is beyond anything.

It is a quote that could say that our love is more than a hundred hearts could carry and afford to have when it comes to how much we love someone. It is a love quote that is both sweet and true because it could be the perfect answer when being asked about how much we love someone.

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