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New Years E CardsNew Years E Cards

Happy New Year – 2019

I have compiled a bunch of cards. These are totally random, some are funny, some may be emotional, motivational etc. Make sure to scroll down all the cards an leave a comment if you have liked any. If so please share to your colleagues, friends and family.

If you want to add more please suggest.

My first pick is bit funny & it explain all by itself. By the way you want to hit then hit share button 🙂

Second pick is just for lazy people like me and this make sense that I need to make any new year’s resolution as already America is Ok 😉

New year is always like a new book for every one. You can drag your previous data or can make a good and effective new years resolution this time.

A best new year approach may be to drop all the bad stuff behind and move on.

Yes, quit smoking to less and do better than previous.

Same, avoid old bad stuff. You don’t have any choice by the way.

A nice advice to angry young men out there. Clear your head and move on. Enjoy the blessings of new year and say happy new years to angry fellows. You will get nothing by burning yourself.

It’s all about pessimistic & optimistic approach. Be optimistic and enjoy your stay on earth. Let others enjoy too.

Some good piece of advise – Read yourself. I am done already – Happy new year 2019

It’s more like me but I am between Young & Old. for you may be. Go on 🙂

New year – Nothing changes. Can’t say to this dude! An advice may work for you

Hell optimistic this William is – A happy new year to this dude also


I am writing this stuff in December 2018 & will add more if got any suggestion. Hope you have enjoyed anything or got any advice or else sorry for wasting your precious free time.

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