Best Quotes About Happiness

Happiness in life 

Happiness means pleasure, satisfaction, enjoyment, joy and many other meaning.

Physiology says that happiness is our mental or inner state of well-being. Happiness comes from positive feelings. If you are not positive an always think negatively you can’t be happy. To be happy in our life first we should think positive.


Don’t Search for happiness, Create it”

 “ Happy life comes from positive life”

What is happiness:

The best way to define happiness is to know that it is not?

Mostly people think happiness comes from going in parties, trip, picnic, or to have everything in life is happiness.

Do you think happiness comes from these all things ?

These all things will just pass. A meal to savor, then digest. They will enjoy party but for some time and it will be end. These all are pleasure.

Happiness and pleasures are not the same thing. There meanings can be same but in life they are different from one another.

Happiness comes from the satisfaction of mind. Happiness of understanding may be hard to attain. Don’t Chase happiness choose happiness.

Find happiness in small little things. Enjoy nature free yourself from tensions,burden. Be yourself be confident.

Judge nothing you will be happy

Enjoy everything you will be happiest


Happiness starts there where you stop comparing yourself from others…

Achieve your goals in life. When people are successful or safe they feel happy. Real and true happiness is our inner happiness .it’s the State of your mind. If you have everything but your mind is not in Peace you can never be happy but even you don’t have everything in life and you mind is in peace you can be happy.

Feeling happy and being happy aren’t the same thing. Thinking of being happy is difficult, it comes when you Change what you do. A mind of unhappy person will bring their feelings to sadness and negative mind. When you are sad you can never see what a happy person can see. They are Positive and see things in positive way.


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