God Given Dreams

God Given Dreams

I have been struggling with this question for quite some time now, but I believe God is slowly showing me more of what my dream is. When it first came to my mind I actually felt bad about it, and I think that was because Satan was wanting me to disregard the dream that God had put on my heart. I have been really praying for God to reveal to me my calling, but it just felt like He didn’t want to tell me for some reason, maybe it was because He knew I wasn’t ready yet… I don’t know, but I believe I now know more about the direction He is leading me.

“Let the current of your being set towards God, then your life will be filled and calmed by one master-passion which unites and stills the soul.”

– Alexander MacLaren

The basic summary of my dream is to help grow the Men’s Ministry at my church through finances obtained through my business practices.

The reason I said earlier that I felt bad about it was because the only part of the dream I knew about was that I wanted to make lots of money. That’s it. Doesn’t sound too Godly does it? Then it hit me that I could use that money to support ministries that were laid on my heart. Then just this morning while I was reading, my Church’s Men’s Ministry (IronMen) came to mind and I immediately knew that was where God was leading me.

We just had our first Men’s Conference at the church and had approximately 40 men show up. With a church the size of ours we should have had at least 100 men in attendance. I was a little disappointed that more men weren’t interested in what we were doing. I know it will grow and now I know that I am going to have some part in that and I am very excited!
I had that revelation while reading Bruce Wilkinson’s “The Dream Giver” which is a wonderful book if you are looking for your dream or even if you are already on the path of your dream. I highly recommend it!!!


To help you find your dream Bruce says to ask yourself these questions:

1.) What have I always been good at?

2.) What needs do I care about most?

3.) Who do I admire the most?

4.) What makes me feel most fulfilled?

5.) What do I love to do most?

6.) What have I felt called to do?

Maybe these questions can help you find your God given dream.

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