5 Most Funny Quit Smoking Quotes (4K Images)

If you smoke, it’s better to quit before it’s too late. However, we have collected some Quit Smoking Funny QuotesYou are allowed to download and share all these HD images of funny quit smoking quotes.

Funny Smoking Quotes

The first quote is from Mark Twain.

Man, this is deep! This quote applies to everyone who decides to quit smoking in the morning and forgets to do so.

Here’s another one by Wendy Liebman.

At least he admits that smoking is killing him. Most smokers deny this fact and say that they will die anyway. So, they prefer to die from smoking. If you think so, you should think about it. Your life may not be valuable for you, but it is for your parents and siblings.

Here is the advice. Plan a vacation to a peaceful place and discover yourself. Write negative thoughts on a piece of paper and throw it into the dustbin. This works. Try it!

Funny Smoking Sayings:

This quote is not funny but you should read it.

If you think that your life is worthless, go and smoke. Otherwise, decide now if you want to save your life or not.

Smoking is the best way to suicide. Please realize it before it is too late. However, let’s read some more Funny Quit Smoking Quotes.

Quit Smoking Sayings:

Here is another quote by Marjane Satrapi.

If you think this quote encourages the act of smoking, you are WRONG. Marjane Satrapi wants us to realize that we will die in both cases. It’s better to die naturally instead of dying from smoking. Because when you are smoking, you are not just hurting your lungs. You are hurting your environment and the people that love you.

Funny Quit Smoking Sayings:

The quotes are getting serious. Now, let’s present something amusing by George Burns.

It’s true that smoking kills. However, some lucky smokers live more than non-smokers do.

What’s the bottom-line here…?


Yep! Believe it or not but smoking is killing your mind and soul. You started to read this article to find some Funny Quit Smoking Quotes, but we tried to advise you along with bringing a smile to your face.

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