Birthday E-cards – Love My Quotes Jar

Birthday E-cards – Love My Quotes Jar

Since the inception of e-card technology in 1995, there has been tremendous growth in the number of birthday e-cards being sent via the Internet.

The welcome or greeting card business has experienced numerous changes with the inception of birthday e-cards. Millions of these cards are sent through emails every month. Perhaps the one main factor in the explosion of this business is the ease with which you can send and receive a birthday greeting. You don’t have to limit yourself to simply sending an ordinary email message to say “Happy Birthday”. You can choose animated graphics, music and sound to accompany your birthday greeting and personalize both the card and the message to match the recipient.                                                                 

There are numerous online sites offering a staggering range of birthday e-cards and even Valentines e-cards to choose from. The only requirements are that you have an Internet connection and an email address and that the person to whom you wish to send the birthday greeting has an email address.


Birthday e-cards are available in foreign languages as well. If you have a friend living in another country where the official language is not English, or if the person’s native language is not English, you will really make this person’s day by sending a birthday card in his/her mother tongue.


You can also choose birthday e-cards that have a special significance related to a country of origin, such as one that contains the symbols of that country. This shows the recipient that even though you are sending the card through email you did take the time to search for the perfect birthday card.


Choose character traits that match the personality of the recipient of the birthday e-card you want to send. These cards often do not have a personalized message, but the graphics of the character displayed on the e-card says more than you could ever express in words.

You don`t have to pop out to buy a card on your lunch break or make sure you get to the post office in time for it to arrive on the day of the birthday. You can search at any time of the day or night from your own computer and find exactly what you want when you use birthday e-cards. The only disadvantage is that the recipient will not be able to save the e-card to his/her computer to show your thoughtfulness to others.

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