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Tumblr Quotes

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Tumblr basically a microblogging and social networking like Facebook and Instagram where people post anything about any topic you can like that thing, give reaction and also follow friends and people which you want to add. You can share any picture, and writing method quotes about anything and also getting ideas from different people. It basically develops with personal interest. Some people like to share quotes that give some lesson, improve knowledge and also other things. So below we are discussing tumble quotes which we can share on tumble without any restrictions.


Look me in the eyes when you abandon me  Unknown

Once, I saw a bee emerge in honey, and I perceived — Nikos Kazantzakis

 Anyone who thinks slain quit is dead has never watched them dancing on the wind a day— Shira Tamir

Sad; so sad, those murky-rose, murky-mauve evenings of late autumn, despairing enough to pierce the heart…pain of the turn of the year, the time of ineffectual yearning, the heartbroken season —  Angela Carter, from Saints & Strangers


I’m not added. I’m just well mixed— Robert Frost

Tumblr Quotes about Life

About life, you can also share quotes on Tumblr where you can get different comments and ideas which you may have never before also helping in changing your ideas and mind.

Dead people collect more flowers than the up keeping ones because the dire is stronger than appreciation.— Anne Frank’s Diary

Fondness and gentleness are not signs of weakness and desperation, but a demonstration of strength and intention.— Khalil Gibran

Whenever I’m with you no one is desire. And I am who always wish to be somewhere else.— David Leviathan

You can be isolated even when you are affection by many people since you are unmoving not anybody’s one and only.—Anne Frank

Deep Tumblr Quotes

Deep tumblr quotes are those which gives a very clear lesson about any topic either it is sad and happy. Deep quotes post that people which have really command on these and know the true meaning of talk. A simple person can never talk about this quote. These are only for deep people.

In life, I’ve always pulled the long way throughout, never an undeviating road to where I was headed but detours to untraversed paths and places. Each time collecting more of myself from that expanse. I’ve away from A to E to C and then I’ve come to B

Be ready. The right options will present itself to you shortly.

Most people don’t discern you, they only discern their image of you

I don’t know why we all dangle on to something we know we’re better off permitting go off. It’s like we’re afraid to lose what we don’t even actually have. Some of us say we’d preferably have something than totally nothing, but the truth is, to have it midway is harder than not having it at all.— Meredith Grey

If you want to see what you have in life, you should look that which you never have before in life, you will never have enough – Oprah Winfrey

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