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In this article, we will cover The House On Mango Street Quotes About Neighborhood. But first, you may want to read this novel’s summary.

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The House on Mango Street is a great novel of age written by Sandra Cisneros. Its theme revolves around Esperanza who is a Mexican-American girl. At the start of the novel, she is 12 years old. Her parents do not own a house. That year, she and her parents moved into a house located on Mango Street. The house is nice but not what Esperanza wanted. It is quite small.

There is a congested Latino neighborhood in Chicago. This house is situated in its center. Esperanza is not happy and she thinks someday she will own a house that she has always dreamed of.


In this article, we have collected some of the best quotes about the neighborhood from this novel.You would love to read them. Moreover, we have included a brief summary after each quote to help you understand it better.

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House on Mango Street Quotes about Neighborhood:

It seems that Cathy is feeling insecure. This is reflected by her statement about the residents of Mango Street. She feels that she is superior to them. She feels better that’s why she thinks of herself as superior to others.

The mother of Vargas children is a poor lady. After her husband abandoned her, she worked hard for her kids. She tried to discipline her kids so they misbehave with her. There does not seems to be any easy solution to the problem.

Esperanza portrays a picture of people living on hills. She says that these people are living in luxury and they never need to worry about garbage and stuff like that. We, the people who live on land, have to face such problems every single day.

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Esperanza thinks that people come to Mango Street by mistake. Nobody ever comes here because of a known purpose.

That’s when we move away. Got to. Then as if she forgot I just moved in, she says the neighborhood is getting bad. (5.3)

Cathy makes bad statements about the neighborhood. Esperanza feels insulted. She thinks that there is something wrong with Cathy’s justification. She thinks that Cathy is just trying to exaggerate.

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As we already know that Esperanza does not like the new house that her parents have bought on the Mango Street. She says that the garage is quite small. We don’t even have a car. There is just a single washroom that everybody shares. She feels worried.


Neighborhood Quotes from the House On Mango Street:

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