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“Father” this single word could be describing as the male parent. This definition has just the technical meanings in it. Other than this,a father is the first love of his daughter and a hero of his son. A father-offspring connection is an interminable holding. While on one hand he gains mother’s adoration, the father gives him his finger to stroll on the earth outside of the norm. Sometime down the road he ends up being his best coreligionists to him, cleaning his great moves and redressing the wrong ones.

Diverse a long time of the tyke call for distinctive roles for his father.A father is constantly his child’s champion, his venerated image. Many poems, books and many other literature have been written over father to express the importance of father in our daily life. Similarly many quotes are also written over father to which speaks for the personality and love of father. Some famous quotes on father I am going to mention here to describe it from the point of view of other people also.His experience says that his life become more satisfying after becoming a father For him everything was believe that his father have on him.


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